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Contact lenses correct your vision and are easy to wear.  Choosing the contact lenses that are right for you depends on your vision and comfort.  There are many types of contacts to suit almost anyone.  Types of contact lenses include:

Soft Contact Lenses:

Soft contact lenses include:

  • Daily Wear: can be worn up to 18 hours but must be removed and cleaned at night
  • Extended Wear: can be worn overnight
  • Disposable: can be worn for one day and discarded
  • Color-changing: can change the color of your eyes even if vision correction is not needed.
  • Toric: contact lenses for astigmatism
  • Multi Focal: lenses have two prescriptions in the same lens
  • Mono Vision: a fitting technique in which the contact lens in the dominant eye is used for distance viewing and the other, non-dominant eye is set for a near focal distance.

Hard Contact Lenses:

  • Gas Permeable (RGP): rigid contact lenses made of oxygen-permeable polymers.


At Hollis Vision Center, we offer all types and brands of contact lenses specifically fitted for each individual’s needs.  It is very important that your lenses are fitted correctly based on your prescription, eye shape and specific needs. First time patients are instructed on the "how tos" of care and wear of their new contact lenses.  ALSO, new lower, competitive prices are available for 2011 and future purchases of contact lenses.  Please call and inquire about your contact lens savings!